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Basic vocabulary

About natural things; heaven, earth, wind, clouds, water, fire, mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, rain,

About production and living materials; meters, lamps, dishes, cloth, knives, pens, cars, boats,

About the various parts of the human body; heart, head, hands, feet, teeth, blood, mouth, nose

Related to kinship; grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister, brother, sister

Behavior about people or things; walking, thinking, writing, like, developing,

The nature of the person or thing; big, small, good, bad, beautiful, happy, sad

Related to allegations and substitutions; I, you, him, her, this, that, who, what, how

About the quantity; ten, one hundred, one thousand, one thousand, two pounds, two, size, yuan, angle

Degree, scope, relevance, tone; just, very, most, all, all, put, and, because, so, yes,

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