On July 6th, the 2019 Chinese Bridge-British Puiyou Project was opened at the Kunming University in China. In 13 days, 75 teachers and students from 3 middle schools in the UK will improve their Chinese language and experience Chinese culture and urban life through Chinese language study and cultural practice activities.
The 75 teachers and students are from Didcot College Girls' School, Gumuli School, and Lambeth School. During the two-week exchange, they will conduct Chinese studies, focusing on the practical application of Chinese under the theme of “shopping” and “travel”. Teachers and students will go deep into shopping malls, restaurants, farmers' markets and other places with the help of Chinese teachers and volunteers, and challenge the use of Chinese to complete shopping, take the subway, and find directions. In practice, they will visit the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, the Provincial Museum, Guandu Ancient Town and Shilin to learn about China's urban development. You will also learn about square dance, use the mobile Chinese app, and interact with Chinese partners to conduct an in-depth study of Chinese culture.
It is understood that the 2019 Chinese Bridge-British Puiyou Project has a total of 822 British middle school students and 103 British team teachers participating in the summer camp. They are divided into 10 places in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi'an, Jinan, Shenyang and Kunming. The colleges participate in cultural exchange activities.
The Kunming Station of the summer camp was hosted by the Confucius Institute Headquarters, the British Council for Cultural Education, and the College of Education of the University College of London, and hosted by Yunnan University. (Reporter Li Hengqiang)
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