Company Profile
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The Panda Chinese Online Academy is based in China and provides online learning, guidance and communication for students, office workers, and people who want to learn Chinese. Founded in 2019, the website is based on the rich background of Chinese language education and training resources in Shanghai, China. It solves Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing, HSK exams, Chinese learners who need to improve their Chinese language and want to understand Chinese culture. The company promotes Chinese through online teaching, and is committed to providing a comprehensive, authoritative, effective and convenient Chinese learning system for Chinese learners in various regions of the world. It aims to eliminate the difficulties of Chinese learners on the Chinese road and to clearly understand the direction. In the future, it will become a navigation light in the minds of Chinese learners. From the perspectives and needs of various regions of the world, we also provide Chinese travel customization, corporate Chinese training and so on. We will always provide professional training for students, enterprises, workers, and friends interested in Chinese in all regions of the world, and do our utmost to actively promote the level of Chinese!